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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a practice of optimizing content that can be discovered through a search engine’s organic search results. The benefits are very obvious; passive and free traffic towards your website, time after time. But how you are going to optimize your content for SEO and what ranking factors matter?

Digital Marketing Robo provides you the answer, for which you first need to understand the following-

How Search Engine Works?

Search engines are like apex libraries of the digital age, in which instead of storing copies of books, it stores copies of web pages. When you enter any query into search engines, it goes through all the available index pages and return to you with the most relevant results through a computer program called algorithm. Search algorithms always look at numerous factors such as the wordings of your query, pages usability, and relevance, sources expertise and settings. The variation of the weight applied to each factor depends on the nature of the query.

How SEO Works?

All the search engines have the same goals; to show the best and the most relevant result page to the respective users. Our SEO experts in Lucknow works to demonstrate your content as the best result among the topics in hand on search engine results. Our organic marketing technique helps you in driving more organic traffic to your web pages through understanding and catering Google’s algorithm, as each search engine possess different ranking algorithm, it would be possible to cover them with our search engine optimization services.

How To Optimize Google?

A study shows that Google uses more than 200 ranking factors, nobody knows what these ranking factors are, but our SEO Company based in Lucknow helps you in knowing and understanding some of them through studying the correlation between various factors and the Google rankings.

AN Important Point – Google Ranks Web Pages, Not Websites.
Now, let us first talk about factors that affect the search engine ranking and visibility-

Crawlability– Before even considering ranking your content, Google needs to know that it exists which most of the top SEO companies won’t tell you about. Google uses various ways to discover new content on the web, but the primarily used is the crawling method. Crawling is actually where Google follows the links on the pages they already know about to those they don’t. Our search engine optimization services help in increasing the pace of the bots towards your web page through increasing the quality standards of the webpage content which ultimately helps your webpage to be showcased at the top of the search results.

Some things which can block Google’s crawlers are-
? Poor internal linking- Google counts on internal links in order to crawl all the pages on your website.
? Nofollowed internal links- Any of the internal links with a nofollow tag will not be crawled by Google.
? Noindexed pages- If any of the pages on your site have internal links, Google won’t probably find them.
? Blocks in robots.txt- It is a text file that tells Google where it can’t or can go on your website.

Indexing– Indexing plays a very vital role results section to portray your webpage on to the top. Our SEO experts in Lucknow create a detailed and chronological layout of the content on your webpage or website so that Google can easily grab your content and show it among the top searches. Therefore, indexing is a task that can be effectively implemented only by the best SEO companies, who can efficiently place the content in the most suited and characterized order with respect to Google.

Mobile Friendliness– Approximately 65% of Google searches comes from mobile devices, and the percentage is tremendously increasing year after year. Google has also shifted to mobile-first indexing in the year 2018, which means that they will now use the mobile version of your page for rankings. The best SEO company hires professional SEO experts who optimize your website and make it more compatible with mobile devices. A critical static from Adobe states that nearly 16 out of 20 people will stop engaging with the proposed content which is not well displayed on their mobile.

Pagespeed– Page speed refers to how fast your page loads. It is mainly a ranking factor on desktop as well as on mobile. Website speed has been the most important topic in web usability over decades. It is mainly the result of the impatient and impulsive needs of peoples for speed. The web has experienced great changes over the decades like shift to mobile-friendly websites, the ever-growing relevance of graphics. Nevertheless, still, most websites are dealing with slow loading speed mainly as web services have become more complex. Our search engine optimization services help you in improving the speed of loading your site which can increase the conversion rate up to 10 to 20 %.

Backlinks– Backlinks are mainly the incoming links to a webpage when any of the page links to any other web page, it I back a backlink. It serves as a major metric for the web page ranking,
For Example– A page with a higher number of backlinks will rank higher on the search engine results including Google. Through hundreds of successful SEO campaigns, our SEO company in Lucknow now knows what works and what does not.

Here is what we cover for you before jumping on to lead building-
? Fixing all technical/UX issues.
? Redirecting chains.
? Batch analysis.
? Fixing broken external links.
? Developing a strong site structure.
? Creating linkable assets.
? Indexation.

Content Quality– Google always wants to rely on the most reliable and simplified sources and generally speaking, the more attainable your content is to the masses, the better it is.Our SEO experts never overlook the major three signals related to quality content i.e. expertise, trustworthiness, and authoritativeness.Other things under SEO services related to the quality of content which can help in increasing the perseverance are as follows-
? Try to stick at the 7th to 8th grade of reading level- Most of the Indians are comfortable with this level of content.
? Writing short sentences and paragraphs- It is a web page content, not an essay.
? Use appropriate link resources-Your content must aim to be as valuable as possible for the visitors.
? Avoid big walls of text- Freshness is an important factor for some searches, therefore make your content skimmable i.e. break your content with relating images, quotes, and phrases.

Final Thoughts– As you can see that SEO is a complex undertaking which plays a very crucial role in the world of business and marketing as well as involves various techniques, tactics, and best of the best services. Our Search Engine Optimization company undertakes these practices of continuous evolving change in consumer behavior, emergence of new technology, and changes in search engine’s algorithms. Our SEO company in Lucknow helps you in accomplishing a number of goals in your business; such as creating brand awareness, potential traffic, impeccable customer experience, conversions and much more.

An anonymous quote says that ‘The best place to hide a dead body is the second page of the Google search’. This clearly signifies that without an effective SEO service, your business is like an uncountable lifeless thing.

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