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Problem in defining your Social Media Strategy?

We help you shape a specific social media strategy that is in line with your business objectives. The more defined and focused your strategy will be the more effective the execution. The key is to set achievable goals that are measurable along the course. Whether it is creating brand awareness, enhancing the brand presence in the market or improving customer retention you need a sound and effective strategy for all.

Unable to grow your social media audience?

Scaling up your social media audience is no easy game. It requires a lot of effort and consistency to attract new visitors and compel the existing one’s to share your content within their network. Apart from that, you need to pull up other creative tricks like guest posts exchanging, forming a relevant tribe network of social media influencers, answer common queries on different platforms etc. Social media is evolving day by day and you need to keep up if you want your brand to stay alive.

Failing to drive audience engagement on social media platforms?

That might be because you are running out of fresh & unique content ideas to post regularly across different social media channels. Writing fresh and compelling content is a tedious task and involves full-time effort of a professional that is seasoned in driving new traffic and thereby engaging with them through different forms of media to keep them sticking close. Driving customer engagement helps us with important insights and data about how the traffic or visitors respond to whatever is showed to them. Based on that information we take important data backed decisions to improve the social media marketing.

Need expert support with your social media campaigns?

Social media is now turning into a pay as you play model. With the advent of creative ways of paid advertising that the social media giants offer, it is really effective how you can catch the attention and engage with your target audience through various creative media content such as text, images, gif’s, video’s etc. We offer dedicated paid advertising professionals for the major social media platforms with high impact such as facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedIn, pinterest etc. Whether your objective is to generate leads, boost your content reach, or increase followers, likes, etc. We’ve got you covered.


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Lakme Preeti, Managing Director

We have been working with Digital Marketing Robo for around 8 months now, they have helped and explained to us what we can achieve as a service provider through Google Adwords. They are always on the other end of a call to our queries. Very knowledgeable and helpful team of digital marketers and I am happy to recommend them to businesses who are looking for helpful goal oriented digital partners.

digital marketing company
VLCC Priya, Director

I contacted Digital Marketing Robo for my local listing, being a quite renowned name in the field of beauty and treatments we were sort of not anywhere in the listings. But after handing over the charge to this digital marketing company I witnessed impressive progress in the listing and within a month I was on the top of the local listing in Varanasi. All thanks to Digital Marketing Robo.

Hyundai Pankaj, Sales Manager

The company helped us in getting the leads of potential buyers who are willing to buy a Hyundai vehicle, their leads are 100% genuine as they are pre-verified leads which gave us a good conversion ratio. The company also helped us in understanding the working of the digital world of how to create engagement that further leads to potential conversion. It was really a great experience to work with them!

best digital marketing company in lucknow
Jawed Habib Academy Jitendra, Director

Digital Marketing Robo manages our social media accounts which include post creation, content management, posting and promotions as well. Their ideas of creating posts are extremely unique and highly expressive which certainly reflects the aura and the legacy of our Jawed Habib Academy. They share the insights of the digital world with us which most of the marketing companies are not comfortable to do.This transparency is what we appreciate.

Juvena Herbals Medha Singh Kushwaha, Director

You have complimented it by increasing reach through all social media handles. Your efforts are commendable. Your entire team is so efficient. Hats off 👏👏👏👏👏👏

Jugal Kishor Pallav Rastogi, Director

Digital Marketing Robo is a great company to work with, their way of working varies widely from others, they firstly listen to all your requirements and then feed you with the digital insights that can add cherry on top of the cake. They visited our store with their team of photographers and videographers for a photoshoot who did a marvelous job. We are happy to hand them over our social media!

The Khadi & Village Industries Association Radhe Shyam, Director

The team of Digital Marketing Rogo designed the existing logo of my village industries association. They created the exact or should I say a better version of what I required, really a great professional team. Logo is the most integral part of a company and being rooted to the grounds of India we wanted something that reflects its core. Digital Marketing Robo didn’t went off an inch with our requirements.

BJP State Vice President

Being associated with the biggest political party of India, it is nowadays a big responsibility to positively share something on social media. All thanks to Digital Marketing Robo and their team who created a digital voice of me through social media. I really appreciate their efforts, research and dedication towards their work that creates wonders. Afterall, that’s what makes them a trustworthy company. Good job team Digital Marketing Robo!

Kaali Power Batteries Ena Gupta, Director

We are a leading manufacturer of all kinds of batteries in India and Digital Marketing Robo has helped us in not only maintaining the reign but also assisted us well in uplifting it. The company handles and uplifts our social media accounts and has provided appreciable engagement on our pages. We feel great to have such a trustworthy digital marketing partner like them and are looking forward to creating more wonders.

Pretty Petals School Geeta Sachan, Principal

Digital Marketing Robo is an unbelievable company to work with. We haven't seen such a dedicated company, I mean they can't see anything digitally wrong of their clients. Besides galloping well our social media accounts they also helped us in pointing errors in our official website as well as rectified them. We at Pretty Petals really appreciate their hard work and transparency. I highly recommend them to all!

Bada Business Vivek Bindra

To carry out the responsibility of a recognized brand and it’s image is not an easy task but Digital Marketing Robo is the one that carries them well. The company is no doubt the best digital marketing company with the most experienced and dedicated staff of highly enthusiastic professionals. They helped us in achieving our goals with highly creative designs and extremely relative content for our social media accounts.

SPEFL-SC Tahsin Zahid, Chief executive Officer

We approached digital marketing robo for the purpose of creating just a lead ad. Later seeing their highly engaging graphical work and content we went for the social media promotions with them too. The company created many courses’ videos for us which were really eye pleasing to watch. Digital Marketing Robo is a great company to work with, we are highly pleased to work with such an enthusiastic team.

Shubhra Ranjan IAS Academy Amit Singh, Franchise Owner

We recently opened our branch in Lucknow and were looking for a digital marketing company to work with. We are glad that we came across Digital Marketing who proved themselves to be the best digital marketing company in Lucknow. They helped us in the lead generation with highly convertible leads which uplifted our conversion rates. The company also manages our social media accounts. Great job Digital Marketing Robo!

Congress State General Secretary- Youth Wing

Digital Marketing Robo has helped me in spreading the positive work and word of Congress. They handle my social media accounts and posts content which are very revolutionary as well as highly public interest oriented. In this digital world, we are glad to be associated with such a great team of highly dedicated experts. The best part about the company is that they are always a step ahead on every coming event.

Bookmrk Vishal Mehrotra, Director

We are fortunate to have such an amazing digital marketing partner like Digital Marketing. The company ignited the launch of our official online books and stationery store app with their impeccable social media creatives and management. The engagement of our social handles soared high and is till date very much consistent. We thank Digital Marketing Robo for being such a great digital end for us and our other ventures.

Heaven Design Keyur Rakholiya, Director

We want to thank Digital Marketing Robo for expanding the boundaries of our business with great insights and ideas. The company helped us in ranking high enough among the leading solar designing companies in India with search engine optimization. They also managed our social media accounts as well as created regular blogs for our company and its workings. We appreciate the commitment of the company by which they always stand tall.

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